Hello! Im Polygon and I'm the creator of Odyssey OS and a Website Developer for Aspect OS.
I have 100+ Followers and I create Animations on Scratch!

My Most Popular Projects

(last updated 11/01/2022)

Tangerine Clicker - Polygon

Find the Triangle - Polygon

Recreating User Icons - Polygon

"animations" but I read the rant

Old Artworks!

Skydive and Collect Balloons

Roblox: Powering Imagination

Ghastly Ghost!

Larry the Cucumber

My Most Popular Videos

(last updated 11/01/2022)

How to Hack Scratch Accounts

Scratch Speedrun Ban%

No Context Scratch (p1)

No Context s c r a t c h (p2)

No Context Scratch P4

The Scratch Team When Update

No Context Scratch P3

Day in the life of a Namesniper

Advanced Topics in Under 100 Seconds

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